Kokua Foods at Shepherd’s Table and Stepping Stones Shelter

Difference Makers’ Kokua Foods delivered nearly 400lbs of food to Shepherd’s Table and Stepping Stones Shelter on July 1-2, 2017. The foods included a wide range of breads (Campagne bread, Sicillian twist, garlic Tuscan bread, Italian bread, batard, Artisan Miche bread, Kaiser rolls, Marco Polo bread, cheese bread, whole grain tortilla, sliced vive baquette, red/white/blue bread); healthy produce (iceberg lettuce, cucumber, apples, brocolli, corn, green peppers, mango, Caesar salad, cheese and apple salad, pears, oranges, potatoes, canteloupes, golden honeydew melons, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, mushrooms); and dairy items (cottage cheese, and yogurt). Our thanks to DM parent Likun Bowden and her daughter DM Jiaoli and Seth Grimes for delivering food to those in need.

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