2017 DM Supporters

2017 Foundation Grants

Youth Service AmericaAGGW

2017 Project Supporters

Donor Project
Alternate Gift Fair Reading Reconnects Families
Alternate Gift Fair Snow Angels
Alternate Gift Fair Extra-Ordinary Birthdays
Alternate Gift Fair Reading Reconnects Families, Snow Angels, Extra-Ordinary Birthdays
TP Ski Club Special Olympics MD
Roadside Stranglers Rock Concert Fundraiser at Barking Dog
Takoma Park Farmers Market Non-profit space for our lemonade/shave ice stand
Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapping Fundraiser
Small Things Matter GYSD
Wegmans Germantown Kokua Foods
California Pizza Kitchen Kokua Foods
California Pizza Kitchen Kokua Foods

2017 Trailer Supporters

Lana Anderson
Douglas Becker
Likun Bowden
Scott DeGasperis
Gretchen Doughty
Margaret Doyle
Linda Ebersole
Becca Epling
Luciana Espinoza
Laura Foradori
Kevin Franklin
Brian Franklin
Bryan Goehring
Seth Grimes
Anjali Gupta
Jessica Heppen
Denecchi Jackson
Eve Jenkins
Vinita Joardar
Esther Lee
Hannah Lee
Jyoti Mehta
Christine Monta
Amanda Mueller
Irene Park
Meena Poddar
Helen & Rex Fox Robison
Cynthia Ross-Zenick
Robyn Schulhof
Ariel Shaw
John Shi
Carol Shou
Stephan Sylvan
Daxel Tarer
Tom Tucker
Aaron Ucko
Mercedes Vargas Lugo
Ayush Varshney
Emily Wang
Jonathan Zhang

DM Silent Auction 2017 Donors

Our thanks to the following businesses and individuals for their kind donations and support!

2017 Auction Poster

Sandra Filippi
Helen Kuhnsman
Bea Graansma
Bonnie Eng
Emma Houle
Kathy Brison
Tisha Joy
Ashley Myhre
Laurie Lester
Scott Degasperis
Bryan Goehring
Beth Vogel
Samuel Bush
Lana Anderson
Dawn Yamashita
Marchler Family
Ucko Family
Murphy Family

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