• Difference Makers taught me the true meaning of community service
  • Difference makers impacted my life a lot I have always tried to find a way to help the community and now I have I think difference makers helped a lot of other people to because some people are poor and don’t have a family.
  • It gave me a different perspective of life.
  • Difference makers is a great place to learn leadership skills, and to help others achieve their goals. We do so much for the community because it feels like our program really cares.
  • Difference Makers has done so much to help people in need without ever asking for anything in return.
    I now feel like I make more of a difference in the lives of others. I used to think that I was just a person who couldn’t make a difference. Now I know I’m wrong.
  • It has impacted the lives of other people because of the service projects that we have been doing and participating in.
  • Difference Makers made me realize how important it is to give back more than you receive. 🙂
  • This club has made me feel as if I have done something good. I always look forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays because of this club.
  • We helped others do work for people who couldn’t do the work or couldn’t get to the work.
  • Difference makers has made me more helpful and giving in the community
  • Difference Makers has helped me see how helping others is important and that every little thing you do can make a great impact on others lives.
  • Difference Makers is an awesome place where I can hang out with my friends and earn ssl hours, all while making my mark on the world
  • Difference Makers has opened my eyes to the importance on my work. It has taught me that what I do is important, and will cause others to help. I wish that I joined this club in 6th grade, but I am very glad that I came in 7th grade. It is a diverse club that teaches a wonderful message.
  • Difference makers is a great activity to go to because they have fun activities and a lot of variety of snacks.
  • Difference Makers has made me a wan’t to join more activities to help those in need. It also made me think more about what I can do to affect the community in a better way.
  • I really learned a lot about helping out the community.
  • Difference Makers have taught me to help others and enjoy my time helping others.
  • Many people were helped with our drives and i feel good that i could “make a difference”
  • Difference Makers has given me an opportunity to give back to people and through this, I became a more giving person in general.
  • It made me more friendly and kind.
  • Difference Makers has brought many people a feeling of joy through the amount of hard work put in by members.
  • DM has changed my attitude towards the community and inspired me to help out in different communities.
    Before difference makers, I did not do very much community service. Now, I volunteer often, and I also had a lot of fun at Difference Makers
  • Difference Makers did a great job of using my time for a good purpose. It was a great club and purpose.
    I have made it my life’s ambition to clean student’s desks
  • Difference Makers has made me enjoy helping people more. Also, Many of the People who live along Takoma Park have all been helped a lot.
  • Some projects like the snow angels allowed me as an individual to see how happy and grateful the seniors and the other people were when all we did was remove some snow for them. Even though we only did one simple act, the people were very grateful and nice towards us.
  • It has helped me have a more positive look on life and how I can help.
  • It made me feel more sympathetic and feel more needy to the community. I feel more helpful and I help the community more now
  • Difference Makers has helped me realize that I am able to help most people if I am willing to.
  • Difference Makers has connected many people through service and care.
  • Difference Makers gave me a new view on helping people in need. Difference Makers showed me that it doesn’t take a lot to help and that your job is appreciated
  • Difference Makers has really changed my life. It has taught me to be less selfish and give back to the community. Before, when I had the chance to donate or help small-scale, I felt that it was useless and would not help. Difference Makers had proven to me that that one dollar really can help. I have learned that if each of us help a little bit, it can be huge, maybe even change the world
  • it has made me more aware of responsibility
  • It has made me look at my life in a new light.
  • It has caused me think about helping out wherever I go, with DM or not. It has also made me feel good as I get the feeling that I have done something and gave back.

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