Officers and Organizational Structure

Picture Name Position Email
Raquel Chaupiz Co-President  Raquel Chaupiz
Yuri Kim Co-President Yuri Kim
Daniel Chen Vice President of Operations Daniel Chen
Bumjin Joo Vice President of Marketing Bumjin Joo
Lana Anderson  Vice President of Projects Lana Anderson
Isaac Newman Vice President of Members Isaac Newman
Ezra Bernstein Director of Projects Ezra Bernstein
Kiara Oldfield Director of Communications Kiara Oldfield
Shrujana Kunnam Director of Public Relations Shrujana Kunnam
Lillian Zhou Director of Technology Lillian Zhou
Samantha Rodriguez Director of Finance Samantha Rodriguez
Elise Haverland Director of Membership Elise Haverland
Joanna Ge Historian Joanna Ge
Sumin Choi Director of Special Programs Sumin Choi
Saron Kebakabe Director of Social Media Saron Kebakabe
Hilina Bezabih Director of Logistics and Volunteers Hilina Bezabih
Lynna Deng Director of Environmental Projects Lynna Deng
Asha Henry Director of School Relations Asha Henry
Anika Dasgupta Sergeant at Arms Anika Dasgupta
Joesph Zenick Director of Internat./Nat. Projects Joseph Zenick
Leela Mehta-Harwitz Co-Director of Local Projects Leela Mehta-Harwitz
Carlie Sylvan Co-Director of Local Projects Carlie Sylvan
Phoebe Qian Director of Fundraising Phoebe Qian

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